The Evolution of Binary Options Trading

by John M Anthony

The regulated trading of binary options began in 1973 when the Chicago Board of Trade formed the Chicago Board Options Exchange. However, it would not be until 2008, when the SEC approved the use of this financial instrument in major markets that binary options trading would really begin to boom. Though only a few years have passed, many positive changes have taken place.

Initially, binary options brokers only offered limited asset classes and underlying assets to trade with. This has changed drastically, with many brokers now offering over one-hundred underlying assets with four major asset classes. This development allows traders virtually unlimited trade possibilities.

Another positive change in regard to binary options brokers would be the trading platforms that are now being offered. Most platforms have become online only, requiring no download or installation of programs. Online platforms allow traders to actively trade from any computer with internet access. Along these same lines, mobile trading is now offered by many brokers. This allows for binary options trades to be completed from any internet connected smartphone or table computer.

Evolution has also taken place in the area of educational materials. There was a time when new binary options traders were on their own when figuring out how to trade. Today, articles, e-books, videos, and tutorials are widely available. Some of these are offered directly from brokers. However, they can also be found in many other places online. Long gone are the days in which traders would begin trading without knowing exactly how.

Binary options tools have also evolved. The charts and graphs used to perform technical analysis are now highly detailed and accurate. Despite the great amount of detail, charts and graphs have been simplified so that all traders can easily process the information they provide. From historical data that dates back years, to data from only minutes prior, binary options traders now have the ability to easily determine how a specific asset has performed in the past.

Binary options news has become better than ever. In 2008, little importance was placed on market sentiment and fundamental analysis. With this type of information being extremely important, traders were placed at a disadvantage for a time. Today, market news is available in abundance. World events, which can cause asset prices to change rapidly, are included in these news reports. Staying informed is now easier than ever.

Excessive minimum deposit amounts have also become a thing of the past. These amounts limited the number of people that could participate in binary options trading. It did not take long for brokers to realize that in order to excel, minimum deposit amounts needed to be set at a reasonable level.

The overall result of the evolution of binary options trading would be that traders now have more ways in which to increase profits. All the tools are in place. The trader need only take advantage of them. The evolution will certainly continue, and will likely include even more ways for traders to render trading even more simple.

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